Hebrew University of Jerusale

Prof. Amiram Goldblum's

School of Pharmacy
Molecular Modeling and Drug Design Group

Noy Sion

MSc student

The effect of the Soman leaving group on the binding affinity and binding characteristics

Project Description
In my project, I examine Soman and Soman derivative which differ in characteristics upon binding to Acetyl cholinesterase (Ache), and will try to explain the origin of this difference by molecular modeling.

2005 - now M.Sc, School of Pharmacy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2001 - 2004 B.Sc. Combined Program in Biology & Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics & Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Milo, M., Sion,N., Pali, M. & Goldblum, A (2006) A Myristoyl Binding Site in kinases, submitted

email noysion@gmail.com
Phone +972-2-6757538
Room 424


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