Hebrew University of Jerusale

Prof. Amiram Goldblum's

School of Pharmacy
Molecular Modeling and Drug Design Group

Ilya Levin

MSc student

Selectivity in the hydrophobic binding pocket of kinases

Project Description
My aim is design of selective inhibitors for tyrosin kinases. The issue of selectivity is considered even prior the rational drug design. In order to make prediction about selectivity of drug candidate to its target protein, the binding site of the target protein is compared with other closely related proteins. Comparison of the target kinase with its neighbors provides the information about groups of similar binding sites as well as about the sites with unique features. For determination of selectivity I suggest a new integrated approach including the data of sequence comparisons, structural comparisons and comparison of physicochemical properties of the protein surface.
Finally, taking in account predicted spectrum of selectivity, I proceed with scaffold-based drug design for specific kinases.

2005 - now M.Sc, School of Pharmacy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2001 - 2005 B.Sc. Biology, Tel-Aviv University

email ilyal_01@yahoo.com
Phone +972-2-6758757
Room 424


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