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School of Pharmacy
Molecular Modeling and Drug Design Group

Efrat Noy

PhD student

Structure prediction of protein-protein interactions using a variant of best-first search algorithm

Project Description
I am developing a new protein-protein docking method based on a variant of best-first search algorithm, which addresses the problem of protein flexibility (sidechains and loops) in addition to translation and rotation. The inclusion of flexibility in the docking procedure is based on a study of the relevance of loop ensembles to protein-protein interfaces.

2000 - now PhD Student, School of Pharmacy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1996 - 2000 B.Sc. in chemistry, Tel-Aviv University.

• Rayan A., Noy E., Chema D., Levitzki A. and Goldblum A., "Stochastic algorithm for kinase homology model construction", Current Medicinal Chemistry, 2004, 11(6):675-692.
• Efrat Noy, Tal Tabakman and Amiram Goldblum, "Loop ensembles of native proteins constructed by Iterative Stochastic Elimination are relevant to protein-protein interfaces", Submitted to Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics

email efratn@ekmd.huji.ac.il
Phone +972-2-6757077
Room 404


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