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Prof. Amiram Goldblum's

School of Pharmacy
Molecular Modeling and Drug Design Group

The Group

The group of Amiram Goldblum currently consists of 1 research associate, 6 PhD students and 6 MSc students:

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Research Associates
Dr. Anwar Rayan Algorithm development of ISE, consultant for ISE developments
PhD students
Ilanit Mymoni Design of new protein functions
Eran Goldberg A new force field for proteins by ISE (co-advisor, with Avigdor Sherz, Weizmann Inst.)
David Marcus Novel ISE applications in drug design
Amit Michaeli Protein-protein interactions
Maayan Elias Inhibition and substrates of P450 isoenzymes
 Ahuva Cern Optimization of loading and discharging of liposomes (Co-advisor, with Y. Barenholtz)
MSc student
Beni Daadosh Inhibition of ADAMTS13 (With David Varon, Hadassah Hematology Dept.)
Jonathan Guedj Ligands' dihedral conformers
Chaya Shpungin Modeling of Na-K-Atpase isoform interactions (with Steve Karlish, Weizmann Inst.)
Gloria Burshe Multiatrgeting the BACE-1 and Gamma-secreatses for treating Alzheimer Disease
Nicole Sani Inhibition of Bcr-Abl at the Mysirotyl Binding Pocket
 Alla Dajani Beginning Research in 2011
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